Client stories


Client #1 - Family Coaching & Meal Planning

"I worked with Jamie and I highly recommend her!  She worked with me to find new and healthier food choices, ingredients and recipes to incorporate into my kids diets.  I was having a hard time because one is a picky eater and one has dairy issues.  Jamie met with me at my house to make a plan and then we went together to the grocery store.  She is a pleasure to work with." 

Client #2 - Weight Loss Coaching & Hypnosis

"I hired Jamie for hypnotherapy and health coaching as I was tired of eating well, working out, and seeing the scale stick.  I was over making 3 different meals for myself, my children, and my husband and needed us to be on the same page.  I would try everything and was mentally consumed with my body image, etc.  After working with Jamie, I have never felt so confident in my process and am down 16 pounds.  I couldn't recommend her more!  Jamie is a blessing!

Client #3 - Weight Loss Coaching & Hypnosis

"For the New Year I was determined to do something for my health.  I had heard about Jamie from some friends on Facebook and thought I would give her a call.  Jamie first sent me a comprehensive questionnaire and then met with me.  We went over my goals and how I was going to achieve them.  She set up a Pinterest board that included recipes and health information for me.  I also had two hypnotherapy sessions with Jamie.  The sessions were amazing and since they were recoded, I can listen to them whenever I need to!  Jamie was extremely supportive and helped me every step of the way.  She has taught me a new way to live and I am extremely grateful!

Client #4 - Weight Loss Coaching

 Wonderful experience! Lots of helpful tools and strategies for weight loss and healthy living.  Highly recommend! 

Client #5 - Weight Loss Coaching & Hypnosis

"When I reached out to Jamie, I was not happy with the way many things were going in

my life. I needed guidance for my overall well-being. Jamie worked with me to identify

the areas that I thought I needed to work on and why. She then helped me to break

everything down for me into more manageable pieces and then worked to find the tools

that would make me most successful.

The most important tools that Jamie taught me to use each and every day were my

“habits”. She and I worked together to figure out which habits that I needed to establish

to accomplish my goals. Then we worked on one habit at a time. Habits that have

included nutrition, mindfulness, exercise; habits that are big and small (the small ones

really add up and before you know it they become big ones). I take more time for me

now, I am more present in the moment and I know what things are important to me

moving forward. And more importantly, I can recognize now when I am slacking on a

habit and/or when I need to establish a new one. She helped to take the big picture and

make it less daunting by focusing on the smaller, more manageable steps.

My advice to anyone considering working with Jamie is do not wait, do it now. Don’t

over think it. You don’t have to live next door. We did all of our work via email, text,

social media and phone. We set goals, we did hypnosis, we planned, we laughed and we

cried. And most importantly, we made progress. Jamie is intuitive to your needs and

passionate about what she does. She is so easy to work with and makes you feel like you

are her only client. I am a work in progress and I would not hesitate to work with Jamie again in the future"


Client #6 - Weight Loss Coaching & Personal Training

 I have been a yo-yo dieter my entire life.  Losing as much as 30 pounds on one plan but eventually putting it back on plus more.  This year I will be turning 50 and was having some health issues that I related to being overweight.  I knew that I had to change my lifestyle and terrible eating habits.  I found Jamie online and signed up to work with her privately.  After working with Jamie I feel like I finally have the tools to lose the weight and keep it off!  Jamie has taught me so much about nutrition, health and fitness.  Jamie has given me healthy recipes that my family enjoys, advice on what to order when I eat out and meal plans that are easy for me to follow.  She has taken me to the gym and taught me a fitness routine that has left me feeling stronger than I have in years. She challenges me to set goals and to stick with them. Jamie encourages her clients daily and is always available to answer any questions whether by text, on her private Facebook page or by a quick phone call.  Jamie has provided me with an education on healthy living that has been life changing for me! 

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