Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach and hypnotherapist

9-Week Weight Loss Program

Based on my bestselling book, this program is designed for busy women and moms.  We often need time management, reminders, support and encouragement and this is what this program offers, as well as nutrition and exercise coaching.   All of these services can be provided remotely, so no matter where you live, you can join us! 

Health & Life Coaching

Life difficulties stem from imbalances in the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Therefore, restoring wellness must include a holistic approach. With one-on-one coaching, we address all areas of your life and you take the primary role of making positive changes in your life, with me, your coach, to inform and inspire you along the way.


hypnosis, hypnotherapy

As a Certified Hynotherapist, I can help you use your mind to help you achieve your goals!  Whether it is health or weight related, or just wanting to experience more joy or improve your life experience, hypnosis is a fantastic and completely safe option.

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